DentalPro Interdental Brushes Yellow Size 2 0.8mm 10pk

(129 customer reviews)


Dental Pro Interdental Brushes are perfect for people who have trouble using standard floss to clean between teeth or have large spaces around their teeth where small brush access is more appropriate.

DentalPro Interdental brushes come in a handy pocket-size pack and each pack comes with a traveling cap.


DentalPro Interdental Brushes are designed to remove plaque from the spaces between your teeth, especially on irregular tooth surfaces which can lead to periodontal diseases.

Using an interdental brush does not replace the need to brush your teeth, but it is instead an addition to your daily hygiene routine. For best results, clean between your teeth with an interdental brush twice a day.

DentalPro Interdental Brushes remove almost all plaque where regular brushing and flossing cannot reach, providing an effective protection against periodontal diseases like gum disease and tooth decay. When combined with brushing, DENTALPRO Interdental Brush removes 37% more plaque.

It is also an ideal tool for people with braces to reach bridgework and orthodontic appliances.

Why should you choose DentalPro?­

  • Proven Resistance to bending and breaking due to stainless alloy brush stem. Superior quality to other interdental brushes. ­
  • Revolutionary 2 Stage Bristles: Ultra Slim for easier insertion between teeth and regular bristles for thorough plaque removal
  • Ergonomic Octagonal handle which provides a firmer grip for easier use
  • Protective Cap, included with each pack to protect bristles when ON-THE-GO and doubles as handle extension
  • Resealable packaging for convenient and hygienic storage:
  • Range of 7 convenient sizes in vibrant and easy to recognise colours:


129 reviews for DentalPro Interdental Brushes Yellow Size 2 0.8mm 10pk

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