Oral-B SATIN Flossing Tape Mint 25m


Oral-B SATIN tape is just the thing for wider spaces.

In addition to the silky texture to wrap comfortably around fingers, Oral-B SATIN tape has a ribbon-like floss shape to help clean wider spaces between teeth. Plus, it leaves a burst of minty freshness on contact to let you know it’s working.

* Ribbon-like shape and wide surface area help clean wider spaces between teeth
* Is easy to insert and handle to help you reach even the tightest spots
* Lets you know its working by adding a burst of mint freshness
* Is gentle on gums and fingers for your comfort



Dual Component Monofilament

Revolutionary new structure, combines nylon core and polymer sheath into one single filament which is resistant to shredding, fraying or breaking.

Unique Oval Structure and Smooth finish

Oval cross section provides superior performance and facilitates gentle insertion even between tight contacts. Smooth surface finish slides easily below the sulcus.

Easy-to-grip – Even when wet

Polymer outer surface helps maintain a good grip while flossing, improving patient comfort on both fingers and gums.

Flavour encapsulation technology – flavour is released upon contact with saliva for a fresh feeling & prolonged mint taste.

* Shipping quoted at $7.50 may vary depending on weight and location of delivery