Prefresh Breath Repair Combo Kit


The Combo Kit that Eliminates Bad Breath!



*Combo Kit: DHC Tooth Powder 85gr (value $32) & Prefresh Mouthwash 2ltr (value $45).

Prefresh uses products to naturally oxidise bacteria instantly and effectively.  Used by thousands of Kiwis since 2002.

How Do You Use The Prefresh Combo Kit? Quite Simply:

1. Brush your teeth with our natural based DHC Tooth Powder (squeeze toothpaste on toothbrush then dip it into the tooth powder).

2. Rinse with our natural based Prefresh mouthwash (hold for 30 seconds in the mouth).

3. Rinse with fresh water. Its that easy!

Testimonials by some of our many happy customers:

For many years I have suffered from a foul breath and spent huge $$$ on dental treatment and mouth washes etc. At last I have found a system that really DOES work and is very low cost. My work mate has ordered a kit of PREFRESH as he has even noticed the difference. It truly is an amazing product and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks Craig– I feel I have a new lease on life.” John Bayliss, Wellington NZ

Hi Craig I want to thank you for your excellent product. I must admit that I was pretty skeptical after having tried just about every product out there, some that cost twice as much as yours, while one or two them did work to a certain extent none were 100%. I still had bad breath and I had given up on finding any thing that would work. Then I came across your product and I thought what the hell if it didn’t work At least I could get my money back. Well how wrong could I be this product is the only one out of at least 15 different ones I have tried that worked 100%. So once again a big thank you.” Martin Christchurch 10th January 2007

As a sales executive I am always meeting new people and dealing face to face. I used to dread making afternoon meetings with clients as this was when my breath was the strongest. I was a bit sceptical at first of this product but I am now a fan and use it daily. It has certainly given me the confidence particularly in business meetings to focus on the topic and forget about having to keep my distance all the time.” Anthony Hart Brisbane Sept 2007 QLD

* Shipping quoted at $7.50 may vary depending on delivery location