Prefresh Mouthwash 2ltr


Designed to actually destroy the odour in your mouth!



How do you use the Prefresh Mouthwash: Quite Simply:

1. Rinse with Prefresh Mouthwash (hold for 30 seconds in the mouth).

2. Rinse with fresh water.

Its that easy!  NOTE: For optimum fresh breath, we recommend using our DHC Tooth Powder prior to rinsing with mouthwash Рit really works.

Prefresh Mouthwash:

Eliminates Bad Breath.

Uses products that naturally remove odour producing bacteria instantly and effectively, giving you crisp clear breath each application.

Made in NZ and 100% safe to use.

Used by thousands of satisfied Kiwis and Australians since 2002.

* Shipping quoted at $7.50 may vary depending on delivery location.

*Australian customers need to email and ask for freight costs.


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