PreFresh Natural Tooth Powder 45g


DHC Tooth Powder nails plaque, bacteria and bad breath, plus whitens your teeth instantly. Try it and see the difference.



This New Zealand made product is a recipe of sodium bicarbonate, New Zealand grassmere sea salt, pure essential peppermint oil and xylitol.

Purpose and Use:  Plaque is mostly bacteria, a little amount of food, and dead cells from our soft tissues and saliva.  The bacteria in our mouths thrive in a low pH environment so by altering this environment to a neutral or higher pH, the bacteria slow down their reproduction and therefore less plaque is produced.  The saliva has a buffering effect to change the pH to more alkaline, but if the environment is too acidic the bacteria reproduce faster and their by-product of acid begins to demineralise the tooth enamel.  Some foods and drinks have a low in pH and drives the pH down.  The DHC Tooth Powder increases the pH, so by altering the environment, the bacteria do not like to reproduce as fast. Therefore less plaque, less gum disease, less tooth decay.

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